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Development Team

The Development Team works to ensure adequate funding for a successful Limmud Miami through individual donations, nonprofit sponsorships, grants, and other fundraising opportunities. Responsibilities include:
– Establishing fundraising goals and a plan for fundraising.
– Planning, coordinating, and making individual solicitations.
– Seeking sponsorships from nonprofit organizations where appropriate.
– Seeking sponsorships from companies.
– Securing in-kind donations, such as art supplies, kosher food, premiums (Frisbees, tote bags, pens, mugs, etc).

Technology/ Web Team

The purpose of the web and technology committee is to manage Limmud Miami’s website and to oversee the organization’s use of technology.- In theory, this committee could also be useful day of to help out with technology at the event venue. Roles include, but are not limited to:
– Designing, developing, and maintaining the Limmud Miami website, currently a WordPress site with a special events-oriented theme. The content for the site should ideally come from the Marketing team. Also, the design of the site could be coordinated with the graphic designers to make sure that it is on brand.
– Updating content on the website
– Integrating the website with any social media campaigns
– Monitoring analytics for website and marketing campaigns
-Google Apps (Google Forms, Google Voice, Gmail, Calendar, etc.)
-Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Marketing/ PR Team

The work of the Limmud PR & Marketing committee is to implement the PR & Marketing plan as laid forth to include the development of content/copy for various applications, ads, editorial placement, collateral development and distribution, marketing partner development and relationship ambassadorship.

Presenter Care Team

Once the presenters have been selected by the Programming Team, this team works closely with them to ensure their needs are met, in the following ways:
- for out-of-town presenters, book their hotel rooms, provide hospitality bags, and help them with any other needs they have
- for every presenter, help them determine their AV needs and copy needs and work with Operations Team to meet them
- create and staff a Presenter Help Desk on-site

Programming Team

The Limmud Programming Team plans and coordinates all discussions, panels, performances, presentations, and workshops at the annual Limmud Miami conference. Our volunteers create different programming tracks, put out a call for presenters as well as specifically recruit presenters from all walks of Jewish life, reflecting the diversity of the Greater Miami community. We also have the opportunity to design and edit the Limmud Miami program book. While at the conference, Programming Team members help staff the sessions – making our volunteers an integral part of running the conference itself!
The programming team is responsible for all content-related components in Limmud. This includes vetting and planning all workshops, lectures, discussions, and performances and recruiting/inviting presenters.
- researching, brainstorming, and generating a list of potential presenters
- inviting the presenters
- scheduling the sessions
- developing the program section of the program book
- developing add-on programming, such as mitzvah and tzedakah projects, chevruta, happy hour, etc.

Children's Programming Team

Children's programming has 2 tracks:
-Limmud Tots: for children ages 3-6
-Limmud Kids: ages 7-11

Logistics Team

The logistics Team manages the needs of presenters, participants, and volunteers for Limmud and assures that the planning and the day of the event runs smoothly. The logistics team is responsible for the production of Limmud from conception through completion.
– event Venues: researching, identifying, site visits and contracting of event venue
– assist with negotiation for space contract and book event space
– arrange food and beverage
– order supplies and audiovisual
– serve as liaison with vendors or event related matters
– assist with managing on site production and clean up for event, as necessary
– assist speakers with site visits
– arrange with book sellers
– work with the caterer vendor and outside vendors to plan the menu for the conference
– handle troubleshooting on the day of Limmud to assure that all runs smoothly!

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