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Limmud Miami 2016 Presenter Application

Seeking presenters for Limmud Miami 2016 (on Sunday, February 21st, 2016; 9am - 5pm) at the FIU Kovens Conference Center in North Miami, FL.

Page 1: about you / the basics
Page 2: your 1st session proposal
Page 3: (optional) your 2nd session proposal
Page 4: (optional) book / CD sales
Page 5: express registration for Limmud Miami 2016 (only $18 for presenter applicants!)

Registration note: only proposals submitted with completed/paid registrations will be reviewed. (This is a both a statement of support for Limmud Miami and a commitment to attend.) However, if you are unable to attend, or are not chosen as a presenter this year, you can be refunded the $18 or donate it to the Limmud Miami scholarship fund.

Yes, you'll get a confirmation email and a copy of your proposal as soon as it's submitted.

The deadline to submit proposals is September 1, 2015, so please be sure to submit an application before the deadline.

Please use proper upper/lower case in writing your information (i.e., do not use all lowercase nor all uppercase.) Please do not use bold/italics/underline.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for presenting at (and attending) Limmud Miami 2016!

-The Programming Team Co-Chairs (
Danny Reed, Yaeli Merenfeld, Francine Safdeye

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